Semiconductor microcavity operating in the strong light-matter coupling present very interesting properties because their optical properties are governed by hybrid light matter quasi-particles named cavity polaritons.

Our group at C2N is exploring this highly non-linear photonic platform along three main research axes:

POLARITON CONDENSATION: polariton can massively occupy a single quantum state forming a so-called polariton condensate. We are interested in generating these condensates in lattices, manipulate them in microcircuits and explore their stability.

NON-LINEAR DYNAMICS: we exploit the giant Kerr non-linearity of polaritons to study superfluidity, the nucleation of topological defects (vortices and solitons), optical bistability and dissipative phase transitions.

TOPOLOGY with cavity polaritons: lattices with topological properties can be engineered. Cavity polaritons allow imaging of band structures, of edge states, breaking of time reversal symetry and lasing in interesting topological modes.