• April 2019: Congratulations to Nicolas Pernet who won the best poster award at the C2N PhD days!

  • November 2018: Marijana Milicevic has been awarded a thesis prize from the PhOM department of Paris-Saclay University for her work on manipulating Dirac cones and edge states in honeycomb polariton lattices. She will be receiving her award on December 7th, during the annual meeting of the PhOM deparment. All our congratulations to Marijana for this great award!
  • October 2018: Our recent paper on the investigation of spatiotemporal coherence properties of polariton condensates just appeared in Optica. Congrats everyone!
  • June 2018: Our new paper on the optical control of the emission chirality of microlasers is now available online! Congrats to Titta & Philippe for this beautiful work.
  • May 2018: Philippe St-Jean enjoying a tour of our future labs in Palaiseau:

  • May 2018: Jacqueline Bloch is invited to speak about quantum simulation at the French National Academy of Sciences! Watch the video of the talk below:
  • April 2018: Our recent paper on the investigation of spatiotemporal coherence properties of polariton condensates has been accepted for publication, and will appear very soon in Optica. Congratulations to everyone!
  • Apr 2018: All our congratulations to Abdelmounaim Harouri (a.k.a. Abdou) for his award winning SEM picture of a polariton sample! The image, entitled “smoking is forbidden” received the first price during the Scanning Electron Microscope Philips Association (SEMPA) scientific meeting held last month in Nancy. It shows a photonic graphene structure (in the foreground) together with benzene molecules in the back. One of the benzene molecule is topped up with a broken micropillar that detached during the etching process. The sample was fabricated by Abdelmounaim Harouri, Luc le Gratiet, Isabelle Sagnes and Aristide Lemaître. Many thanks to all of them!

    Left: the award-winning picture “Smoking is forbidden” Right: ID picture of Abdelmounaim Harouri.

  • Apr 2018: Welcome to Aurélian Loirette-Pelous who joins the group as a Master student!
  • Mar 2018: Our work on topological lasing is featured as the “first topological laser in 1D” in the latest issue of the magazine Pour la Science. Click here to read the nice article Topology inspires the development of new lasers by Sean Bailly (French only).
  • Mar 2018: Welcome to Nicolas Pernet who joins the group as a Master student!
  • Feb 2018: Philippe St-Jean received a Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship after an international competitive process. Congrats Philippe for this award!
  • Jan 2018: Welcome to Sylvain Ravets, who joins our group as a CNRS researcher.
  • Oct 2017: Following her beautiful work on photonic graphene, Marijana Milicevic receives a l’Oréal-UNESCO fellowship for women in science. Congrats Marijana! Watch below a video of Marijana Milicevic and Emilie Tisserond speaking about graphene:
  • Feb 2017: Congratulations to Jacqueline Bloch who is awarded the CNRS silver medal! Find the official news release here.
  • Jan 2017: Philippe St-Jean discusses polaritons during an interview on Radio-Canada. To listen to the full interview, click here. Alternatively, watch the teaser below: