Low temperature optical setup to measure polariton fluids. On the screen 1D cavities are imaged with white light.

Scanning electron microscopy image of (left) several rings of coupled resonators, (right) a honeycomb lattice of coupled resonators next to a photonic benzene molecule.

Jacqueline Bloch receiving the 2017 CNRS Silver medal from Jean-Yves Marzin, head of the INSIS CNRS Department.

Marijana Milicevic was awarded a L’Oréal Grant for her work on artificial graphene. Ceremony on October 11th 2017.

Jacqueline Bloch and Alberto Amo: how can you guess that they are NOT doing a real experiment?

Back: Valentin Goblot (left) and Philippe St-Jean (right); Front: Nicola Carlon-Zambon (alias Titta) and Jacqueline Bloch

Workshop on Quantum fluids of light and matter, Cargèse, May 2017. From left to right: Wim Casteel, Florent Storm, Jacqueline Bloch, Cristiano Ciuti, Said Rodriguez, Nicola Carlon-Zambon, Alberto Amo.

Gathering of the “mythic” Polariton group for the ceremony where Jacqueline Bloch was nominated “Knight of the Legion of Honour”. From left to right: (Back) Lydie Ferrier, Dimitrii Tanese, Alberto Amo, Florent baboux, Félix Marsault, Valentin Goblot and Daniele Bajoni; (Front) Esther Wertz, Marijana Milicevic, Vera Sala, Hai Son Nguyen, Jacqueline Bloch, Said Rodriguez and Peristera Andreakou;