Polariton Quantum fluids

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Welcome to the website of the polariton group led by Jacqueline Bloch. We are studying polariton quantum fluids of light in GaAs based microcavities. Our scientific objectives are related to the development of novel photonic devices, the exploration of non-linear dynamics in dissipative systems, topology and quantum simulation.

Cavity polaritons are light-matter quasi-particles, arising from the strong coupling regime between excitons confined in quantum wells and photons confined in a microcavity. Because of this dual nature, cavity polaritons are quantum fluids of light and present fascinating physical properties.

On the one hand, their photonic nature gives them propagative properties close to those of light; because of their photonic nature, it is possible to significantly confine polaritons in microstructures of large dimensions (several microns). Their band structure can be fully engineered in lattices of coupled microcavities.

On the other hand, via their excitonic part, polaritons present strong polariton-polariton interactions (Kerr like) and therefore exhibit fascinating properties such as superfluidity, nucleation of quantized vortices or Bose Einstein Condensation.

Our group is using the state of the art technological facilities of C2N to design and fabricate unique patterned microcavities in which polariton quantum fluids can be generated, manipulated and controlled.